What Makes a Great iPhone Wallpaper?

So you just got your brand new iPhone! It’s time to customize it with wallpapers that reflect your good taste and personality. This should not be so tough, because there are tons of iPhone wallpaper Web sites on the Net.

But there is a widespread problem with a lot of these iPhone wallpapers. I will save you some frustrations by telling you what they are:

You Can’t See The Top!

Let’s you want to grace your iPhone screen with a wallpaper of your favorite actress. You save it to your computer, upload it on your iPhone, then you realize that most of her head is eclipsed by the iPhone top overlaid controls. This is not would you were expecting, right?

The iPhone overlaid controls are the digital clock on top, and the “slide to unlock” control at the bottom.

You can’t Really See the Bottom Part!

So, Sometimes instead of the head, perhaps the “slide to unlock” control is hiding most of the bottom of your wallpaper, too. For example, a wallpaper of your favorite movie might have its cool title obscured by that control. That also sucks!

All that is because a lot off wallpapers are made without using a template that takes the iPhone controls into account. It’s pretty easy to just take any picture, size its dimension to 320×480, and then put it on your iPhone Web site or directly to your iPhone.

So you do not want wallpapers that have strong visible detail on the top portion or even the bottom portion. If you are really hands on with it, you can blur the top and bottom using Photoshop or any photo editing tool! Your wallpaper will gain maximum effect. The main part of the wallpaper will be right between the iPhone overlaid controls.

Resolution Is Too weak!

Sometimes the resolution of the wallpaper is too weak, meaning its resolution is at 72 dpi. The iPhone picture standard is 300 dpi. Unless you do not mind having wallpapers that do not even look as sharp as the iPhone sleek design, go for the ones that do look sharp. Or just go on the websites that have sharp high quality resolutions wallpapers.

Also, look for iPhone wallpapers websites that have a great variety and many different categories. A website that has thousands of wallpapers and a search box as well is very handy. You can just type in a keyword and the website will come up with its own wallpapers search results, related to your keyword inquiry. No need to browse for hours, if you are not inclined to.

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